is openness

Inno3 is a consulting firm
specialized in open models*

We define ambitious and sustainable open strategies with our clients and partners, and the pragmatic policies to implement them.

Every day, we contribute to the co-construction of virtuous, collaborative practices in France, Europe and internationally.

*Open models include Open Source, open data, open hardware, digital commons, open innovation and open science.


We provide three types of complementary and interdisciplinary expertise across multiple sectors.

These activities rely on our team’s interdisciplinary skills, and range from managing intellectual property, digital communities and commons, to compliance, to conducting action-research projects.

Our experts cover the fields of law, science and technology studies, digital methods and design.


Through a unique and personalized approach, we define ambitious opening strategies and pragmatic policies to implement them, together with our clients and partners.


In an open research-action approach, we define ourselves as a collective of researchers combining mixed and digital methods on a reflective and ethical basis.


As a Qualiopi-certified training center, we are constantly on the lookout for ways to ensure an optimal transfer of skills in our training programs.