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chargée de recherche & soutien valorisation

À propos

Maya holds a PhD in Humanities and Social Sciences, specializing in intercultural relations between Europe and the Americas. It was during a specialization in digital methods applied to social sciences that she joined Inno³ and started exploring mixed methods of qualitative-quantitative research in open science. (french)


In her first life, Maya is a PhD in Human and Social Sciences (University of Cergy) specialized in intercultural relations between Europe and the Americas. Advanced research on digital testimonies led her to the methods of processing and analysis of quantitative data.

It was during an internship in the Data Science and Digital Society Master’s program (Gustave Eiffel University) that she joined Inno³ and discovered open science and the application of mixed qualitative and quantitative methods.

Convinced by the complementarity between Inno³’s approach and her dual training, Maya is now helping to structure the research division and develop its activities alongside Célya Gruson-Daniel, a specialist in ethical open science.

She brings her international background, her in-depth knowledge of the Higher Education and Research (HE&R) sector, her cross-disciplinary skills, as well as her new knowledge in collecting, processing and analyzing web data to the dynamic of knowledge production and sharing that is in full swing at Inno³.

Her ambition: to make the research carried out at Inno³ increasingly actionable and visible within the European and international open science ecosystem.

Her missions at Inno³: development of digital methods, support for the structuring of the research division, research projects involving  Higher Education and Research (ESR), support for the development and consolidation of an open science research methodology, support for the dissemination of Inno³’s work.


  • Support for digital acculturation via open collaboration methods
  • Analysis and visualization of network dynamics between ecosystem communities
  • Development, prototyping and implementation of an open research methodology
  • Writing of summaries, scientific talks, blog posts and articles for expert audiences

Signes distinctifs

  • Passion for networks and their use in meaning-making processes
  • Love to test new tools!



  • Master Data Science et Sociétés Numériques (Université Gustave Eiffel)
  • Doctorat en Science Humaines et Sociales (Université de Cergy-Pontoise)
  • Master Société Contemporaine Europe – Amérique (Université Paris 3 Sorbonne Nouvelle)

Les publication de Maya ANDERSON-GONZÁLEZ