Legal and licensing aspects of Open Source

Legal and licensing aspects of Open Source

Open Source allows you to take back control

Open source licenses give you a lot of freedoms and powers, although they also come with some obligations. Still poorly understood or misunderstood, they are nevertheless essential to maintaining an open and collaborative system balanced. A constant outreach and popularization is necessary to ensure that the Open Source meets these promises to users while respecting the rights of contributors and editors.

Open Source Community Summit

Open Source Community Summit: The Tools of Open Source Cooperation

Date and duration: Friday 31 October 2014, 1/2 day Session Organizer: Cedric Thomas, OW2

The Open World Forum Community Summit is an annual open workshop focusing on the growth and management of open source communities. This year, leaders and practitioners from free and open source software communities will discuss the evolution of the technical resources made available to open source projects.


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