Technical Open Source Project Manager

We (inno³) are a consulting firm specialized in the strategic aspects of open models (free/open source software, digital commons, open science, open data, etc.).

We do not carry out technical realizations as such, however our missions frequently include technical components, in particular those related to auditing software development for compliance with respect to Free and Open Source licenses.

In addition – and in relation with such activities – we have recently initiated a partnership with several large companies to design an Open Source compliance tool ( and support the development of a strong legal and technical community in this field.

Finally, in the framework of our missions and open action research projects, we frequently use data analysis and visualization based on open source tools and libraries (Python, R, Gephi, Hyphe, etc.)

As these activities are growing steadily within the firm, we are looking to recruit a collaborator to help us with these different aspects.

What you will do:

Support for Open Source compliance audits:

Compliance studies require both a good vision of software development techniques in different environments and a knowledge of the main intellectual property mechanisms at stake, in relation to the functioning of Open Source licenses; on this last point, the new employee can be trained internally. The main task will be to participate in the compilation of exhaustive SBOMs (Software Bills of Materials) and to collect all the information on Open Source licenses associated with third-party components or dependencies.

Project management for the Open Source development project Hermine, in close contact with our internal team and partnering companies:

The development of Hermine and its community requires project management in order to facilitate exchanges, feedback from the different partners on legal and organizational issues, and their articulation with the technical progress of the project.

Scripts and digital methods:

In addition to the previous activities, the person who will join us will bring their technical support to the internal needs of the firm, in particular to contribute to our open research-action activities through the development of digital methods (statistical and network analysis).

Required knowledge

The main knowledge that we are looking for in candidates are:

- Good knowledge of the general architecture of software solutions (types of technical links between libraries, API, etc.). For example, to be able to understand this type of explanation:

- Familiarity with dependency managers (maven, gradle, npm, poetry, etc.)
A good general knowledge of containers, virtual machines, etc.
Familiarity with current development tools (basic use of git, writing simple Python scripts, reading bash scripts)

- Familiarity with collaborative project management (planning and coordinating workshops, producing reports and summaries of technical workshops, monitoring development and the various sprints, helping to facilitate exchanges with the technical, legal and research teams)

- A very good reading of English, especially legal

- Good writing skills

State of mind

Compliance studies require more rigor than creativity, so it is necessary that the candidate have this in mind, at the risk of quickly becoming frustrated.

Moreover, we evolve daily in a digital environment composed almost exclusively of Free and Open Source software (GNU/Linux workstations, free digital services); we are very satisfied with this, but it does not correspond to the most widespread standards, and may require adaptation, which will go smoothly if the candidate is sensitive to the interest of using these types of solutions.

We work with collaborative and contributing approaches, both with our clients and internally, mixing different profiles and disciplines (law, science and technology studies, digital methods). We thus offer a context conducive to a person who is curious and open to discovering diverse work and research methodologies.

Other expectations:

- Attention to detail
- Culture of quality
- Sensitivity to the challenges of free and fair digital technology

Practical details:

The office is located at 137, boulevard de Magenta, near the Gare du Nord in Paris.

We are flexible about remote work.

You may be required to occasionally travel outside Paris.


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