OVH Ecosystem Experience : “Being part of the community: why open source is so important” (video)

New formula, new name, the OVHcloud Summit has become this year the OVHcloud Ecosystem Experience, a 100% virtual event organized in collaboration with its ecosystem of partners and customers, focused on digital transformation.

Benjamin Jean – CEO of inno³ – spoke as a member of the panel focused on openness and collaboration entitled “Being part of the community: why open source is so important, with Openstack Foundation, CNCF/Harbor and Inno3”.

It was an opportunity to discuss the strength of ecosystems in terms of securing and developing collaborations – particularly on strategic and sensitive issues such as intellectual property – but also to reflect on commonalities and virtuous systems. Finally, it was an opportunity for OVH Cloud to announce the implementation of a clarified open source strategy in terms of patents, which is reflected in three respects:

  • the use of standard open source licenses (Apache or EPL) including full patent licenses for all users of OVH cloud software,
  • the upcoming publication of a patent pledge (non-aggression pledge) for the benefit of open source projects,
  • Membership in the Open Invention Network to help develop a defensive patent portfolio to secure Linux and its environment.

Watch the video:

Being part of the Community – why Open Source matters, with Openstack Foundation, CNCF/Harbor, Inno3

Practical information

When : November 3rd, 2020

Where : online

Program : visit the event website