POSS 2018 Session : Free and open source software in European public services: policies, strategies and security

In 2018, the Paris Open Source Summit’s 4th edition was held on December 5th, and 6th at the Docks de Paris, and brought together more than 5000 visitors for more than 200 conferences. Built around the theme “Opening the Digital Revolution“, this edition meant to demonstrate the importance of Open Source inside the digital ecosystem and its impact in the transformation of many jobs and sectors. This year, Inno³ has coordinated the Ecosystem track of the program, intended for those who make the choice of openness and collaboration in order to innovate.

Among the proposed conferences, the “Free and open source software in European public services: policies, strategies and security” session was the opportunity to talk about the renewal of the Open Source Strategy Commission, of its ambitions, and of the role Open Source plays for the European Union.

The following blog post was written shortly before the event in order to present the session’s detailed program.

Free and open source software in European public services: policies, strategies and security

The EC representatives will speak about the EU-FOSSA initiative aiming to improve the security of open source software in use at the EU institutions and present the future renewed Commission Open Source Strategy. Experts from several Member States will look at the successes and shortcomings of their national open source policies from the different sectors perspective. This will be followed by a discussion facilitated by the Open Source Observatory (OSOR) aiming to bring out the essential elements of these policies and strategies, and agree on a common approach to increase their potential.

Track leaders :

Speakers :

  • Breaking down barriers for greater use of open source within European public administrations
  • Opening by Emanuele Baldacci, European Commission
  • EU-FOSSA 2: EU institutions’ pilot approach to tackling security of open source software
  • Saranjit Arora, European Commission
  • Addressing open source software security in public sector – panel discussion :
  • Rayna Stamboliyska (RS Strategy)
  • Paulo Ribeiro (Portuguese Association of Open Source Enterprises)
  • Marek Przybyszewski (European Commission)
  • Gijs Hillenius (OSOR)
  • Open source software use within the EU institutions – A look into OSS use and strategy at the European Commission
  • Marek Przybyszewski (European Commission)
  • Free and open source software policies across Europe – panel discussion :
  • Maha Shaikh (King’s College, UK)
  • Laurent Joubert (DINSIC, France)
  • Daniel Melin (Swedish National Procurement Services, Sweden)
  • Paulo Ribeiro (ESOP, Portugal)
  • Gijs Hillenius (OSOR)


Practical information

When: Wednesday, 5th of December, 2 p.m. – 4:15 p.m.

Where: Room Studio Photo, Docks de Paris, 87 Avenue des Magasins Généraux, 93300 Aubervilliers

Program: event website