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Inno³ is an open innovation consulting firm, independent and specialized in open data and open source

From code auditing to the evaluation (appraisal) of valuation policies, our skills extend from intellectual property rights management to the transformation of organisations and the creation of dynamic ecosystems.

We operate internationally to the benefit of public and private actors wishing to adopt the Open Source, Open Data, Open Hardware, Open Science and every other open model’s approaches. As part of this collaborative dynamic, we are actively involved in the structuring projects of the sector through the organisation and participation in major events such as the Paris Open Source Summit, the European Open source & Legal Event (EOLE) and many others.

We associate to our missions theoretical reflections that feed new practical applications based on an action research approach in the fields of law, digital sociology and communication. Our clients and partners are all sizes (from the European Commission to micro-entreprises) and come from every sector (mobility, energy, logistic, space, defense, etc.). Visit our "references" page for more details.


Our services

Our expertise is proposed in 2 formats to accompany your approach to openness : consulting and training

Our research activities

Inno³ relies on the skills and knowledge of its consultants, as well as researchers and PhD students. Thus, research is an important dimension of the firm’s activities, allowing Inno³ to be ahead of the state of the art or even to play a precursory role on numerous subjects, including :

  • Digital commons and open governance models
  • Open science

The firm also regularly invites researchers and actors in the field to share their experiences and knowledge and thus feed the scientific discussions on these subjects.


Why choose inno³

Acknowledged expert in open source, open data and more generally all open model approaches, Inno³ remains a human-sized firm, striving to offer you a modular and tailor-made offer, to best adapt to the reality of your needs.

Our projects and initiatives are built on a shared vision, common objectives and a sustainable collaboration.

We hope to include every user in the interaction and co-construction of our missions.