Open source parts for Industrial Embedded and Connected devices


BABYLONWARE is a complementary solution for business, promoted by the more discerning democracies and led, in its middle, by men and their shared realizations.

BABYLONWARE proposes to federate and share, between its members, a common prospective vision, a business organization and a market place.

By this way, Technological Risks are more controlled, Time to Market are reduced, Product Quality, Customer Satisfaction and Business Opportunities are increased.

Business development is here directly due to the capability of each organization to produce added value and discriminates in its markets, and to the skills and motivation of its collaborators to face these new challenges.

The intellectual property is preserved and even optimized, but everything which is not strategic is shared; everything that could become a standard is also shared.

The goal is to quicker and better develop Sustainable Robust, Safe and Secure components used in end-user devices.

Industries such as Aeronautics, Naval, Automotive, Railway, Defense, Health and Energy are concerned.

inno³ is pleased to announce its support for the Babylonware project.